Understanding the priorities and goals of our clients helps us to provide the best long term solutions.


Helping Simplify Retirement Planning For Your Company

For more than two decades, our experienced partners and professionals have provided independent investment advice and financial counsel to a diverse client base of companies large and small, in Western New York, across the country and around the world. If you have been questioning if your retirement plan is working for you and your employees, it’s time to talk to Lawley Retirement Advisors.

Strategic Assessment

We invest the time to understand your business and identify the goals and objectives of your qualified plan.

Plan Analysis

Due diligence is performed on your current plan document and a comprehensive investment review is conducted.

Investment Selection

Plan benchmarks and comparisons are provided to make informed decisions. Vendor and investment recommendations are made.

Fiduciary Plan Review

Legislative and compliance information is shared. We meet with your retirement committee on a regular basis to review all aspects of your plan and formally document the discussions.

Communication and Monitoring

We develop a custom communications campaign. We consistently monitor employee education and help insure employee satisfaction.

Helping You Achieve Your Goals

One of our professional advisors will speak with you at no cost or obligation about how Lawley Retirement Advisors can help you and your employees.

  • Optimize Performance
  • Reduce Risk
  • Lower Plan Expenses
  • Improve Employee Satisfaction

Managing a retirement plan comes with great responsibility. And, effective management is essential to controlling liability. Lawley Retirement Advisors has the expertise to provide you with measurable improvements in your retirement plan.

$76 billion – The gross domestic product of manufacturing in the Buffalo/ Niagara market in 2013. The number continues to rise.

Comprehensive Fiduciary and Compliance Consulting

Understanding and mitigating your risk

  • Perform as fiduciary to your plan
  • Timely legislative and compliance communication
  • Ongoing plan reviews and analysis
  • Comprehensive meeting minutes

Independent Plan Analysis

Evaluating your plan

  • Review plan document provisions
  • Review compliance concerns
  • Assess plan trends
  • Manage request-for-proposal process
  • Coordinate plan provider interviews and evaluations

Investment Selection and Monitoring

Benchmarking results

  • Prepare and perform periodic reviews of Investment Policy Statement
  • Benchmark investment performance against peer group
  • Watch list implementation and monitoring
  • Provide investment alternatives for under-performing options

Total Plan Cost

Full fee disclosure

  • Compliance with Department of Labor fee disclosure regulations for plan sponsors and participants
  • Benchmark plan fees against plans of similar size
  • Negotiate fees and services with retirement plan provider on your behalf

Distinct Advantages With Lawley Retirement Advisors

Lawley Retirement Advisors provides consistent enrollment and educational meetings and materials for you and your employees. We’ll help you implement and manage the program, and promote the benefits of employee participation.

Our investment programs for retirement plans are designed to be diversified, not complex. We create model portfolios with access to some of the top-performing fund managers available without causing an overload of investment choices.